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The foundation of good decision-making begins with human judgment and intuition, while being supported through accurate data. A community allows folks to learn from each other, network with peers with similar issues, and improve their judgment. The desire for this community, the Data Cookbook Community, is to connect organizations and higher education institutions to help lighten reporting burden and provide clarity with information such as data definitions. The public availability of this information helps higher education institutions deal with the increasing complexity of data governance, reporting, and data definitions.


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 One source to consult for all external data governance and reporting needs (including definitions). This centralized repository eases up communication demands and streamline reporting processes
•  Align an institution’s content with other institutions to compare similar terms and definitions, providing greater clarity in a broader environment of increasing reporting demands
Network with peers who are actively solving (or have solved) the same or similar problems facing your institution. Learn from others. Gather information from others to gain efficiency
•  Save time by re-using specifications and definitions of others


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About Us

James E. Willis, III is the IData Content Curator. He works in the Data Cookbook community to build new public definitions and specifications, write blog entries on data governance and Data Cookbook functionality, and consult directly with clients to ascertain reporting needs. He holds a Ph.D. from King's College London and publishes extensively on learning analytics, educational technology, and student data. James has worked with IData since July 2016. He can be reached at jwillis[at]

Brenda Reeb is a Senior Data Consultant at IData. She helps new clients implement Data Cookbook so that it "sticks".  She believes that the Data Steward is the most critical role in data governance. She holds an M.L.S. from Simmons College. Brenda has worked with IData since April 2016. She can be reached at breeb[at]

Jim Walery is a marketing professional who has been providing marketing services to technology companies for over 20 years and specifically those in higher education since 2010. Jim assists in getting the word out about the community via a variety of channels.  Jim is knowledgeable in social media, blogging, collateral creation and website content.  Jim holds a B.A. from University of California, Irvine and a M.A. from Webster University.  Jim can be reached at jwalery[at]


What is the Data Cookbook?


The community consists of the following types of information: data definitions, specifications, and related files to data governance and reporting. These information items are:

• From over a dozen regulatory agencies
Available to the general public. Any institution can easily reference this public community content for their own data governance and reporting needs
• No charge for members of the community
Relevant - no matter type of institution or size of institution
• Available all the time, to any institution, no matter where located



Relevant to all, no matter size or type of institution
• No cost, open to everyone
Quick access to data definitions, specifications and files from regulatory agencies in a convenient, standardized structure
• Centralized repository assists reporting staff in their processes and saves them time
Managed by experts to assure relevant information and professionalism
• Learn from others who are solving or who have solved similar issues


For our Data Cookbook clients, we also provide forums for discussion about the use of the Data Cookbook and sharing best practices in Data Governance.


IData provides this community as a free service, curating content from national and state level organizations as well as partnering with agencies to have their content shared through this community. If you would like to learn more, you can either contact us directly at or view more information regarding the Data Cookbook at